Even though 3D printing has revolutionised the industry by reducing lead times as well as improving quality, it’s still quite a slow process to watch by eye. Because of this, sometimes large terrain models aren’t always viable to have printed since they don’t always need the same accuracy as the buildings themselves which means it can be much more cost effective to model the terrain using modelling foam.

Not only can we carve out the shape but these terrains are brought to life with a splash of paint and the addition of 3D printed figures like people, trees and vehicles.

How Can We Help?

Even if you don’t have a CAD model of the terrain you need, all we need to do our magic is just a simple set of images to allow us to start carving out the shape.

Depending on how accurate you want the foam model to be, we can then start taking measurements over different areas until the levels are all correct before we then sand it down, hand paint, add texture and then seal it with a lacquer. Using additional 3D printed figures like people, trees and vehicles can give these terrains a great sense of realism compared to a monochrome terrain.

Why Choose The Architectural Printhouse?

By focusing solely on producing the highest quality architectural models, we’ll always tailor our solutions to your specific project.

Here’s a few reasons why you should choose The Architectural Printhouse:

  • High-quality foam terrains
  • Addition of colour, texture and 3D printed figures
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Will always strive to meet your deadlines
  • Complete flexibility to adjust designs as required