Focusing on sustainability, The Architectural Printhouse uses a wide range of recycled plastics including PLA, ABS, PET and Nylon among many others. You can rely on our 3D printing expertise to help develop your ideas into reality and whether you’re needing a large scale model to make an impression or a smaller model to show intricate details, we can adapt our 3D printing know-how to suit your needs.

We use both FDM and SLA 3D printers to make sure we've got you covered - no matter what models you need printing. These printers both have pros and cons in terms of quality, speed, size and cost so we'll be able to effectively communicate this information across to you in the process so you can make an informed decision on the best process for your project.

Fused Deposition Modelling.

FDM is the most common and widely used 3D printing process due to its low cost and high speed. FDM is perfect for printing large models at an affordable price. To help you distinguish which 3D printing service is appropriate for you, we have compiled the basic comparison characteristics:

  • Fast print speed
  • Equipped to deal with large models – up to 750mm x 750mm x 500mm
  • Can be glued in sections if bigger models are required
  • Uses layers of plastic to achieve a 3D printed object
  • Lower cost than other 3D printing processes
  • A large choice of colours and RECYCLED materials

Stereolithography Apparatus.

The SLA printing process is more complex than FDM however this allows for a much higher quality of 3D printing compared to FDM. Using a laser, SLA 3D printers cure a layer of resin whilst the model is slowly drawn up and out the resin tank. This 3D printing process should be used when you require high precision and a smooth finish to your product – if detail is a priority SLA is the way to go.

  • Intricate detail
  • Higher dimensional accuracy
  • Much smoother finish than FDM
  • Uses a laser to harden liquid resin into layers
  • Higher cost than FDM


Why Choose The Architectural Printhouse?

We have a clear focus on producing the highest quality architectural models whilst using recycled plastic materials to ensure a sustainable process. We’ll always work closely with you to ensure we do everything we can to achieve your deadline with customer service at the forefront of our minds.

If you require 3D printing then don’t hesitate to send us an email via

or call us on 0114 2211 862 to discuss any of your 3D printing needs.