The Architectural Printhouse is a specialised architectural 3D printing and CAD modelling service based in Sheffield, UK. With a focused vision on creating high quality architectural models in the most sustainable way possible using recycled materials, we can work with you at any stage of your project to help bring your design to life. With a proven track record and a Made In Sheffield license, we're a brand that you can be confident you can trust.

Whether you need a basic render, a large terrain model or a high quality 3D print, The Architectural Printhouse is here to help. Through the use of industry standard CAD software, we can work with you to design your model until it's exactly as you want it before discussing any of the other options with you. These can include in situ renders, mechanical animations, 3D prints or foam models. Get in touch on 0114 2211 862 or email us via to discuss any of your requirements.